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1. Planning dates

Location and hours can be found here.

Collections are available during Museum Gallery hours.

Access to archival collections are by appointment only. Access to museum collections not currently on exhibit is by appointment only. Patrons wishing to access library materials for more than one day are advised to make an appointment. Contact information for the LA&M can be found here.

2. About the LA&M collections

Information about the collections can be found here.

3. Travel and lodging

The LA&M maintains a list of nearby lodging options at a variety of price points. Please contact us for a current list.

The LA&M is situated close to the lake on the northern tip of the City of Chicago. It is accessible by multiple bus and rail lines. Directions, public transit options and parking information can be found here.

Research Services

For Archival and Special Collections Access

Before you visit

1. Arrival at the LA&M / what to bring

Research at the Leather Archives & Museum is conducted in the Teri Rose Library (located within the LA&M).

Items you may bring into the library:

● Lead pencils

● Paper notepads, binders, folders, etc.

● Laptop computers

The following items are not permitted in the library:

2. Preliminary discussion

Before accessing the collections, an archivist will meet with you to discuss research needs and provide an orientation to the facility.

    Discussion outline:

3. Patron Registration Form

Each patron using archival collections or museum collections not currently on display will be required to complete a Patron Registration Form. Patron names and institutional affiliations are stored at the LA&M and are deleted within 24 months.

All patrons using archival collections or museum collections not currently on display must present a valid, government issued photo ID.

4. Photocopying and reproduction

The LA&M photocopy and reproduction policy is available here

Photocopies are $0.25 per page ($0.10 per page for members).

Digital scans using LA&M equipment are $1.00 per image ($0.50 per image for members).

5. Concluding discussion

At the conclusion of your visit, you will meet with an archivist to discuss:

During your visit

1. Follow-up research

Please contact the LA&M following your visit for follow-up and distance research needs. Our staff is happy to provide these services.

2. LA&M blog / newsletter

When appropriate, we like to share information about individuals using the LA&M for research. Your privacy is of primary importance to us, so we will ask you about this before we share anything and respect your wishes.

3. Publication of your work

When appropriate, we like to share works that are published using LA&M resources. Even if your work is not easily accessible to the public (i.e. published in a scholarly journal or presented at a conference), please let us know.

After your visit - follow up research

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