About the LA&M

The Leather Archives & Museum was founded by Chuck Renslow and Tony DeBlase in 1991 as a community archives, library, and museum of Leather, kink, fetish, and BDSM history and culture. See Plan Your Visit for hours and admission information. 


Mission Statement

Making leather, kink, BDSM, and fetish accessible through research, preservation, education and community engagement.




Tax Exempt Information

The LA&M is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a charity under the 501(c)(3) provisions. This means that monetary donations as well as donations to the collections are tax deductible subject to IRS rules and regulations. While the LA&M is pursuing grant opportunities, we rely on the community whose history is being preserved for support. The LA&M operational expenses consist of archival and exhibit supplies, utility bills necessary to maintain appropriate environmental conditions, exhibit freight expenses, and administrative expenses. 501(c)3 Documentation

Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors

All voting members are invited to attend these meetings. The meetings will be held at the Leather Archives & Museum in the Etienne Auditorium at the following times:

  • Saturday Jan 26, 11am-1pm CST
  • Sunday March 31, 11am-1pm CST
  • Saturday June 22, 11am-1pm CST
  • Sunday Oct 20, 10am-2pm CST

For more information, please contact our staff.

Policies of the LA&M