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Search the Library, Archival, and Museum Collections

Visit the collections website to search and view the collections online, including digital media, archival finding aids, museum items, and the library catalog.

Library and Appointments

The Teri Rose Memorial Library is free, non-lending library that is open to the public during regular museum hours. Access to archival collections, periodicals, audiovisual media, and artifacts in storage is available by appointment only. Contact the Archivist & Collections Librarian for availability.

Travel and Lodging

The LA&M is situated close to the lake on the northside of the City of Chicago. It is accessible by multiple bus and rail lines. 

The LA&M maintains a list of nearby lodging options at a variety of price points. Please contact us for a current list.

Research Assistance and Policies

When you arrive, the archivist will meet with you to discuss LA&M resources, the safe handling of archival material, and your research objectives. You will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement and to respect any collection-specific access and use restrictions. 

Access to audiovisual media and non-exhibited museum items is limited to digital copies and photographs where available.

What to Bring

Lockers are freely available to all patrons.

Items you may bring into the Teri Rose Library:

  • Lead pencils
  • Paper notepads, binders, folders, etc.
  • Laptop computers
  • Cellphones
  • Cameras

The following items are not permitted in the Teri Rose Library:

  • Ink pens or markers
  • Bags, purses or other containers
  • Coats and jackets with pockets
  • Food or beverages
  • Scanners or other medium to large equipment

Photocopies and Reproduction

The LA&M may provide copies of material or access to a flatbed scanner for the purposes of fair use, private study, scholarship, and research. If you wish to take copies from the LA&M, you will be required to complete a reproduction and use agreement.

If you are remote or prefer staff to make copies for you:
Photocopies are $0.25 per page ($0.10 per page for members). Limit of 20.
Digital scans are $1.00 per image ($0.50 per image for members). Limit of 10.

After your Visit

Please contact the staff following your visit if you need any further assistance! We would love to hear about your experience and the results of your research.